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We help to boost persons career within the music / entertainment industry with PR, graphic designs, campaign marketing and social media promotions.

The Services We Provide

All the services you need to elevate your musical career in one place

Press Release

We will write a professionally done article on you, introducing you to the crowd in style and if you are already well-known, we will reintroduce you in a very professional manner. If you already have a press release and wish to re-use it we will professionally edit and distribute it.

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Campaign Marketing

We will run social media ad campaigns for you, making you more visible on social media. You have a new track, album or video coming out? We will make people be highly anticipated for the release! We will use your provided video snippet or promotional image provided.

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Graphic Design

We will create amazing eye catching graphic designs for CD’s, promotional use, song and album art for you with the content that you have provided us with. We will help you to enhance your image and if you already have a graphic design and want to enhance it, we will make it look even better!

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Social Media Promotion

Need to improve your followers and create more fans? We will give boost visibility and shareability on your social media platforms giving you a stronger presence and also be seen by a much larger community while increasing your fans interaction!

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