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Chris Brown vs Soulja Boy Celebrity Boxing in Dubai

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We all should by now know that there is a major feud going on between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy and they are gearing up for an epic bloodbath at their boxing match against each other, however, for alot of reasons they can’t pull it off in the U.S so, according to sources, we have learned that they are planning to have their fight out in Dubai.

Sources affiliated with both Chris Brown and Soulja Boy disclosed that the two genuinely dislike each other and each are anticipating beating eachother up, BUT, they will also be cashing in at the same time as what they want more than anything else, aside from fighting each other is a huge paycheck by airing the fight on Pay-Per-View.

The initial plan

Was for a Vegas fight, however, several rules and regulations would make a fight of this nature impossible there, the major issue is that there is a mandatory drug test for amateur fights which both Chris and Soulja obviously would never pass.

So, the plan is to now go overseas, first choice Dubai and the belief is that the Pay-Per-View audience would rake in untold millions of dollars.

They allegedly say that they would make this a charity fight, however, most of the money will obviously go into their pockets.



Chris Brown Vs Soulja Boy


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