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Sexually Explicit Letter Written by Tupac Surfaces

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Everybody loves Tupac and his amazing lyrics right? This letter right here may have you thinking “why didn’t he make a love song with these lyrics? Well, here is a love letter written by the Tupac while he was incarcerated in 1995.

The letter reads

” U ever been tied up & blindfolded, stripped naked, & washed from head to toe in a bubble bath? Ever been oiled down & massaged to the sounds of slow sensual music? Ever been tied to a bedpost and licked like a lollipop? Ever been f*cked so hard by a n**ga that you get to shaking and quivering? Ever had the taste sucked from your mouth taken thru 12 positions of love making so thoroughly that you are too tired to shower or get dressed? Ever been touched by the masculine hands of n**ga with nothing 2 lose ? Do you know what a n**ga could do with a cucumber, some baby oil and a full pack of condomns (sic) ? Ever suck a n**ga manhood while he pulled softly on your hair? Ever had a n**ga slide his manhood through the middle of your beautiful breasts? Ever C what a n**ga could do with a tray of ice and some honey? Ever been f**ked by me?”

2pac then signed or should I say “Autographed” the  letter “Until the end of time” , this letter is allegedly being sold and should rack up about 25k

See Letter Below



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