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Will Gas Stations Selling Bad Gas Finally Be Named?

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Jamaica’s Energy Ministry is contemplating whether to publicly reveal the gas stations that have been identified as selling contaminated fuel.

Julian Robinson, Minister of State in the Energy Ministry, said that there are several matters to consider before making a decision, despite the public outcry over the issue.

There are now calls for compensation, and for the gas stations to be named publicly and face sanctions. Mr Robinson is insisting, however, that proper procedures must be followed.

“We are obviously committed to ensuring that there’s integrity in the process, but we also have to be careful that we don’t put out information that becomes prejudicial to the business interests of a station,” he said.

Once the results of the tests being carried out have been confirmed, “we will engage with the stakeholders and determine the best way forward, which protects the interests, first and foremost of the consumers,” he added.

He cautioned there could be instances in which a service station has contaminated gas, but is not aware of this because it purchased the fuel from a marketing company.

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