Livio Bisterzo, an Italian entrepreneur, has a vast portfolio that includes hospitality organizations, lifestyle companies, and consumer brands. He received his education at London’s University of the Arts. His first business venture was in the events industry.

With the quickly emerging segment of people interested in increasing their health and nutrition, Livio Bisterzo set out to create unique brands of foods and beverages. One of his latest attempts came in 2015. At this time, Livio founded Green Park Holdings. The goal was to introduce brands that had a strong impact on communities so that positive behavioral and cultural changes could occur. To this day, Green Park focuses on investing in “better for you” products.

In 2016, Bisterzo’s company unveiled “Hippeas,” a game-changing snack food brand. Its major ingredients are chickpeas. Livio recognized that this is a growing trend in health food. Besides its increased popularity, this plant releases nitrogen into the soil, so it is good for the environment. This fits perfectly into his goals to make a positive impact on society so that his three children and other families may live better.

Hippeas, a healthy puffed snack, is filled with fiber and protein. Snackers enjoy the light and crunchy texture, but this food is also low in calories and free of gluten. The variety of flavors makes it perfect for anyone’s taste buds. The best part is that a portion of the proceeds are donated to the Amazon’s indigenous farming communities. The business started a project that will develop a fully-sustainable supply chain in Ethiopia within five years.

Even though Hippeas tastes delicious, the marketing campaign is what makes the product special. During the creation of the food, designers came up with something that applied to millenials who wanted to become more conscious about health and improve society. Hippeas is inspired by the hippie era but with a modern twist. The visual designs of the packaging are simple but make the products jump off store shelves. The theme “give peas a chance,” is a cute and clever way to draw consumers to the brand as well.

Although not many people may recognize Bisterzo’s name, another investor is better known. Leonardo DiCaprio, a lead Hollywood actor, is one of the most famous people to join Green Park Brands. DiCaprio has long been a supporter of organic food items and doing positive things for others. Besides earning acting awards, DiCaprio won the “Clinton Global Citizen Award” and the “World Economic Forum Crystal Award.” He has worked for organizations that deal with climate change, and he is also is a member of the board of various wildlife and conservation committees. This attitude is in direct line with the vision of Hippeas. In the past, DiCaprio supported an organic guayusa leaf tea brand.

Along with DiCaprio, Strand Equity Partners has invested in the brand as well. This company’s portfolio includes things like Dos Toros and Sweaty Betty. Seth Rodsky, co-founder, has always been attracted to brands that are dynamic and current.

As CEO, Bisterzo has explained how excited he is to have Strand Equity Partners and DiCaprio on his team. With each day, the brand grows with great momentum. He tells how refreshing it is to work with partners who follow the vision and values of the company.

Due to the high growth rate of Hippeas, it is considered a differentiated brand. The strides that it has made is a testament to its unique combination of nutrition and an attractive flavor profile. The brand has sold more than 20,000 packages throughout stores in the United States, and this number is sure to keep climbing.

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