Having just premiered its fifth season, The Flash on The CW is preparing to bring back some of Barry Allen’s most prominent adversaries for its 100th episode. Speaking at a horror panel at London’s MCM Comic Con last week, Tony Todd, who voiced Zoom in the show’s second season, said that many of Allen’s past speedster villains will return for the 100th episode. Todd, who is best known for the 90s slasher film series Candy Man, said that these characters will be “wanting a piece of Barry.” Fans have taken Todd’s comments as confirmation that Zoom will return for the episode. In addition to being voiced by Todd, the character was played by actor Teddy Sears.

There has been no official confirmation on which other speedster villains will return for the episode. According to comicbook.com, among the other speedsters Allen has tangled with in the series is the Reverse Flash from season one and Savitar from season three. The Reverse Flash is considered the arch enemy of Allen and was played by multiple actors in the series, notably Tom Cavanagh and Matt Letscher. Savitar was an evil version of Allen from the future and was played by Flash actor Grant Gustin. Although the series is renowned for its speedster villains, an actor who played a non-speedster adversary of Allen is longing to return to the series. David Dastmalchian, who played Abra Kadabra in an episode from the show’s third season, is hoping for a chance to reprise his character. The actor recently tweeted his hope to return to The Flash but confessed that there is so much secrecy surrounding the series that even if he already knew something about Abra Kadabra’s next appearance, he wouldn’t be able to tell fans. Meanwhile, Rag Doll, an iconic villain from The Flash comic series, is set to make his first appearance on the series on November 13. The villain will be played by actor Troy James.

As The Flash prepares for its 100th episode, all eyes are on the second week of December, when The CW airs its annual Arrowvers crossover episode. Entitled “Elseworlds,” the event will see The Flash crossover with fellow CW superhero shows Arrow and Supergirl. The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET.