NewsWatch TV is a media program that describes itself as a reliable source of current consumer, technology, health, travel, and entertainment news. The company has been in business since 1989, and it has aired well over 1,000 episodes. NewsWatch is part of Bridge Communications, a video production and communications company.

But for many companies, NewsWatch TV is the go-to partner for effective and successful marketing campaigns. VXi Corp is one of the latest clients to sing NewsWatch’s praises after yet another successful ad campaign. NewsWatch TV has a reputation for making its clients’ ad campaigns raging successes. The legacy has certainly been upheld with the successful campaign the company conducted on behalf of XVi Corp, a company known for its world-class headset solutions.

The Campaign

NewsWatch was tasked with marketing VXi’s “BlueParrot” headsets using television and the web. Like other VXi products, this headset was designed to provide a clearer and more reliable communication experience. The goal of the campaign was to get U.S. citizens to try out the product – and enter a world of clear and natural all-day communication.

NewsWatch TV understood their marketing goals very clearly and immediately got to work. They came up with a 60 second video featuring the “BlueParrot” headset. The two companies, both heavyweights in their respective fields, joined forces to create the ad with the goal of helping people know that they can have an easier time in the workplace by using this great product.

VXi supplied the products, and NewsWatch used them to create a video depicting realistic scenarios of their significance in people’s lives.  They threw in some high quality graphics, on-camera narration, and other video editing features to come up with a captivating 60 second video that turned out to be a wild success.

A Remarkable Success

The campaign was so effective that more than 95 million households saw the ad on their screens. Over the web, the campaign had over half a million impressions; and more than 200 U.S. Markets saw the brilliantly crafted segment.

The outcome was a huge surge in VXi sales, so much so that Elizabeth Jeffs, the Digital Media specialist at VXi, felt compelled to comment about the campaign. She noted that like the previous campaign the technology company had done with NewsWatch, the “BlueParrot” campaign’s success was beyond expectations.

VXi was also happy with the fact that NewsWatch TV was able to take over tedious and complex issues like video scripting and production, and leverage its professional skills to create a segment that perfectly told VXi’s story. The fact that NewsWatch also employed various marketing channels to promote VXi’s headset was a huge plus, because the video can still be shared months after the campaign is officially over.

Helping Clients Stand Out Amidst Competition

This is hardly the first time NewsWatch TV has managed to surprise its clients with brilliant campaign results. Another technology outfit, Avanca, which specializes in the manufacture of mobile lifestyle accessories, also had a taste of NewsWatch TV’s ability to exceed bold marketing goals.

The first campaign NewsWatch TV did for Avanca exceeded expectations by a staggering 2939%. It was apparent, even to Avanca, that this success had plenty to do with NewsWatch TV’s involvement in the campaign. In typical NewsWatch TV fashion, the company handled every critical aspect of the video production process, including international assignments.

Such success stories are the rule, rather than the exception, among NewsWatch clients. Many former clients have come out to express how the best decision they made during their marketing campaign was choosing to work with NewsWatch TV. Examples include Saygus, an American maker of smartphones. The tech company needed help promoting a line of smartphones they were launching during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. NewsWatch TV did all the legwork by scripting, producing and distributing the video. The Saygus campaign was a resounding success.

The Danish professional gaming gear company, SteelSeries, was also glad to have chosen to work with NewsWatch TV when it was promoting its headphones and game controllers. After NewsWatch TV handled all the video production aspects of the campaign and distributing it on television and social media, the company was able to meet its marketing objectives.

NewsWatch continues to enjoy its high profile attention in the world. And why wouldn’t it? The television show regularly gets word-class celebrities as guests and delivers compelling results. It also works with top global corporate concerns such as NASCAR, Toyota, LG and others in their ad campaigns.

Furthermore, when it comes to creating ad campaigns that can make sales soar, the company has few peers. For instance, the success of the VXi Campaign is clear evidence of the fact that NewsWatch TV has few equals when it comes to helping brands market their products and services on television and over the web. Many positive NewsWatch TV reviews on the web make this very apparent.

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