Ryan Seacrest and his American Idol crew had one of the most exciting weeks in the entire competition and a live audience enjoyed the contestants collaborating with celebrities at the Wiltern Theater.

In Sunday’s episode, half of the Top 20 competitors were paired with superstar duet partners, including Ben Harper, Julia Michaels, Chris Isaak, Shaggy, Jason Mraz, Lukas Graham, Pat Benatar, and Neil Giraldo, Elle King and lovelytheband.

Before the aspiring stars took the stage, Ryan Seacrest recalled Katy performing with Dolly Parton at this year’s Grammy Awards. “I think it’s just about the ebb and flow,” she said. “It’s kind of like a volley with your vocals, like ‘I support you, you support me.’ It’s a dance.”

Unfortunately, at the end of the night, Kate Barnett, Shawn Robinson, and Bumbly were sent home. And although the end of the competition isn’t near yet, Katy Perry already has a favorite front runner; Laci Kaye Booth was paired with Brett Young for his song Mercy and Perry loved it!

“I mean, from the moment you walk onstage, you sprinkle stardust everywhere,” Perry said. “I thought I was watching something on the Grammys. I was like, ‘Best new artist,’ I don’t know. I don’t want to play favorites but fill in the blank!” “So the country girl got you,” Luke Bryan asked her, and Katy replied, “It’s not about genre, it’s about feeling.”

Mentor Bobby Bones talked to Ryan Seacrest about how he had been advising contestants, “It’s such a diverse group of artists and it’s really them playing to their strengths inside their diversity,” Bones said. When Seacrest asked him about the biggest challenge within the group, Bones responded, “I think you have some great performers that are struggling with their stage presence. So it’s really trying to find what they’re strong at, and then get better on the other side of it. So, that’s what we’re working on.”

The first Idol contestant who performed with a celebrity was Walker Burroughs. He and Jason Mraz sang the first song that Walker performed at the age of nine, Have It All. “I’m watching you and the wonderful part about your personality is, you’re actually making wearing a pair of glasses sexy,” Lionel told him. “But the most important part is, you are having, I think, the best time of your life. If you’re not, you should be because that was a perfect performance.”

Kate Barnette performed with Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo. The trio chose the first song Pat recorded for her debut album, the iconic rock hit Heartbreaker. “I think the best thing is, it took you out of your comfort zone a little bit,” Luke said and added, “We’ve seen you with your hat the whole time, we’ve seen you kinda really tailor songs for you, so you probably learned some stuff about yourself being up there with Pat. Good job!”

Riley Thompson sang her very first duet with Brett Young. She was very lucky because Brett gave her career advice too, “There are going to be really difficult moments, but if this is what you really want, even in the hardest times, you have to stick with it.” Brett and Thompson sang Like I Loved You. Katy Perry also loved their performance, “Our jaws were all on the floor because I only thought you had that breathy, sultry sound, and then you gave us a full voice and you were doing those harmonies. I was like, ‘Where did that voice come from?’ There’s this other gear this whole time and now you’re just playing it?”

Then it was time for Shaggy and Uche to take the stage. Shaggy encouraged Uche to open his chest for a less breathy and more full vocal delivery. Judges were very impressed, “It was such a vibe,” Katy said. “It was so fun. The only thing is, definitely make conscious choices with the runs and stuff. But it was so fun.”

Pat and Neil also worked with Madison VanDenberg. They performed We Belong. “She’s a singer, she’s a real singer,” Pat said after rehearsing with Madison. Luke Bryan and other judges agreed with Pat, “Madison, I’ve seen this personally so many times where a singer gets put with a world-class belter like Pat Benetar. And for you to sit there and literally go toe-to-toe with her, it was incredible. You don’t know how to hit a wrong note,” Bryan said.

Elle King and Shawn Robinson didn’t just work on their singing; Robinson wanted Elle to help him with stage presence. Her advice was very direct: “I think a lot of it is faking it until you make it a little, then after a while, you start to believe in the confidence you’re putting out to people.”

Jason Mraz performed again and this time it was with Ashley Hess. Hess asked Jason if she could change his original arrangement of I’m Yours and Mraz and the judges loved it!

Laine Hardy and Elle King were the final performers of the night and they sang The Weight. “Who are you? You look like a rock star. You sound like a rock star. You like this, don’t you,” Katy asked him.

With so many amazing performances, the judges had a very tough job to eliminate three contestants. Moving forward are Laci, Ashley, Walker, Uche, Riley and Laine. “Understand the opportunity was just afforded you. Use this night. God has blessed you with an amazing launch,” Lionel addressed the three contestants who had to leave the contest.

Judging and sending talented contestants home may be the hardest part of the show, but that doesn’t mean that the American Idol team doesn’t have fun. Ryan Seacrest and Bobby Bones are especially close and that’s why Seacrest got Bones the perfect birthday present!

Ryan sent Bobby a pair of Jordans as he knows how much he loves a good pair of shoes. The radio host, who is serving as a mentor on American Idol, shared this with Sisanie and Tanya Rad on-air. “You can just tell from the picture they’re very large,” he jokingly added.

Tanya Rad Reveals Talks About Working With Ryan Seacrest

TMZ spotted Tanya Rad, iHeart Radio personality and a host on the morning show On-Air with Ryan Seacrest, and asked her to share some details about what’s it like to work with Seacrest!

“Ryan Seacrest is literally the best human. I love him so much, he’s like family to me.” But that’s not all; Tanya was also asked about what annoys her the most about Ryan. “You know what’s annoying?” Taya said and added, “You don’t think he’s going to have the right answer to something, and then he does! He always has the best advice.”

As it turns out, Tanya was absolutely right about Seacrest always having the perfect answer to everything. Ryan and Tanya hilariously recapped Tanya’s interview and Seacrest jokingly taught Tanya how to avoid TMZ’s questions if needed.

“I wanted to warn you before you signed on to take this role, Tanya, you know you’re high-profile,” Ryan joked. “You’re going to have a difficult time going out some time, and then you started this high-profile relationship with Zachary Levi and they a have a list of people that are on the radar and because Shazam! is opening you’re probably one of the tip catches for TMZ,” he added, referring to Tanya’s latest crush, who recently visited the show.

“You’re apparently in jail,” Ryan joked of the photo of Tanya being interviewed by TMZ. “You’re in a jumpsuit and you’re behind a huge fence and it looks like you’re in jail so my first reaction was Harvey Levin saw the court documents and tracked you down in jail.”

But Tanya already had the perfect response for Ryan. “I hear my name getting yelled across the parking lot, and I turn around and I’m like ‘Who the heck?’ And I see the TMZ tour bus and I was like ‘This is super cool!’ So I ran over and was like ‘Are you guys having fun?’ She came in with the video camera and she started asking me normal things,” Tanya said.

Ryan Seacrest, famous for his sense of humor, decided to joke further with Tanya and teach her how to dodge the interview questions she doesn’t want to answer by redirecting the attention.

“I get these questions like ‘What do you think about Jada Pinkett Smith not following Kris Jenner?’ They can ask questions that can get you in trouble,” Seacrest said. “So I say ‘Good to see you guys! How’s Harvey? You guys are the best, bye!’ Or I ask them questions, and then by the time my car is there and I’m out!”

Although they were both joking during the show, Rad was right about one thing- Ryan Seacrest is a great co-worker. Not only does he make a great co-host on Live with Kelly and Ryan, but he also makes every episode of On Air With Ryan Seacrest hilarious.

Before Lizzo, the talented songstress and flutist, visited the studio, Ryan Seacrest showed off his dance moves after Ry, Sisanie, and Tanya got talking about dancing in the club.

“I don’t like dance like Jennifer Lopez dances. She can really move. I just sort of, I might get on my feet and go ‘Oh!’ Or I’ll like rock back and sit down quickly,” Ryan explained while showing off his moves.

“What is this paw thing you’re doing?” Sisanie jokingly asked Ryan. “What is this move? What is this like ‘Thriller’ dance move?” Sisanie said as everyone in the studio laughed.

“It’s like close your eyes and the lyric hits you in the face like, ‘Oh! Such a good lyric, right in the eyes! Boom!'” Ryan explained and hilariously added, “The ‘blinding lyric’ – so hot the lyrics just catch you in the eye.”


Ryan Seacrest Celebrates National Siblings Day on Twitter

National Siblings Day is celebrated on April 10 around the world and it is the perfect occasion for everyone to let their siblings know how much they’re loved! Many celebrities shared photos of their brothers and sisters, including Michelle Obama, Kate Hudson, and Ryan Seacrest. Of course, these images were pure gold for their fans.

Ryan Seacrest and his sister Meredith are very close and he often talks about her on Live with Kelly and Ryan! The famous host of American Idol even announced the arrival of his niece Flora on the show!

“First little baby Seacrest in the family!” Seacrest said and showed a picture of his sister Meredith and her baby. “She had the baby six minutes after we got off the air. Her name is Flora Marie, that’s the happy family. I can’t even look at it, it makes me cry.”

Even as kids, Seacrest and his sister Meredith were very close, and that is very obvious from the photo of two of them as children that he posted on Twitter. “My best friend who also happens to be my sister @mmseacrest. Happy #NationalSiblingsDay! #tbt,” Ryan captioned the photo.

Ryan Seacrest’s Secret to Time Management

It’s no secret that Ryan Seacrest manages his time like a pro, but how does he manage to do so much during just one day? Seacrest revealed his secret and now you can do the same.

The host of American Idol, co-host of Live with Kelly and Ryan and host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest, as well as head of so many other side projects, Ryan Seacrest has a very busy schedule. The only way he can do everything properly and be everywhere he needs to be is to take cross-coast red-eye flights. On Sunday nights, Ryan is filming American Idol live from the Los Angeles studio and then he heads back to New York early Monday morning to shoot Live with Kelly.

One of Seacrest’s biggest secrets to productivity is to never hit the snooze button. Also, he always replies to emails with two lines maximum. “A day is busy and calculated and always on schedule. The live television show with Kelly starts at 9 a.m. on the east coast. Immediately following, I’m live on the radio to the West Coast and then in the hours afterwards, I have a chance to check in on my other businesses and other projects that are going on,” Ryan shared in an interview.

Ryan Seacrest spends a lot of time in LA on the weekends and on Fridays when they don’t do the Live show. “But, I will tell you this, when the alarm goes off I’m not allowed to hit snooze because it’s down to the minute. And I thrive off of that. I think I’m having more fun when I’m busier,” Ryan was honest.

His secret to efficiently replying emails is also very easy. “Two-line emails, okay. Very, very short emails. A very efficient way to have phone calls. And, I don’t, I don’t really like downtime, so if there’s time in a car, if there’s time on a walk, walking meetings. I mean, I will jam anything in at any point in time so that by 6:30 at night, most of what I’m going to cover for the day is done and I can actually enjoy the evening and have a bite to eat.” Sounds easy when Seacrest describes it.

To sum it up, Seacrest is ready at 7 AM, he has coffee and a morning shake and he’s at the office by 8. Besides short emails, Ryan Seacrest also revealed that efficient phone calls are essential to his routine as he works very hard to be done with each workday by 6:30 PM. Now that you know all these secrets, you have no excuses left!

But besides the tips on productivity, Ryan Seacrest also shared a few secrets to achieving personal success. One of these secrets is that if you work the hardest, you have the highest chance of succeeding. “And I think more than anything else, I know when I go to bed that no one’s working harder doing what I’m doing, and I think, quite frankly, simply that hard work at some point was gonna pay off,” Ryan once said. This is very true and it makes perfect sense. If you invest endless amounts of hours into things you believe in, sooner or later you will achieve your goals.

Another great tip is not to make failure an option in the first place. As Seacrest once said, “Failure? Scared to death of it.” While failure is sometimes a good thing because we learn from it, it’s best to avoid it as an option when making a plan. Approach your goals with winning mindset.

Furthermore, Seacrest reminds us that we can only control the controllable and we should forget the uncontrollable by all means. “I knew I could control one thing, and that is my time and my hours and my effort and my efficiency.” Devote your attention and time to things that you can impact. Everything else is just a waste of time, and don’t forget that time is our greatest resource. The way we decide to spend it will determine the likelihood of our success.

More about Ryan Seacrest at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4h_3qTOIUnUX8KCICRM3A